domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013


I just feel the need to hide from pain,
Like I'm not strong enough to face it
I'm living in a fake world in my head
That makes up a different reality
That allows me to pretend
To think I'm actually fine when I'm not
To fool the people I love,
To keep them from worrying about me
To keep me from showing any pain
Because I feel like if I show it,
I won’t be able to stop crying
Time waits for no one,
And every second,
Makes me realize that this is real
Even though I fear facing the pain
I know it’s there,
It consumes me
Making a statement
Showing me I’m not invincible,
I’m not different
I’m just a scary kid
A scary kid that hides under the sheets
And waits for the pain to just go away,
And leave me alone.

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola! Bienvenida al club de las escritoras. Me ha encantado el poema. Besos y nos seguimos leyendo.

    1. graciaaas :D has pasado por mi otro blog? donde cuelgo mi novela?